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Palm Nuts Natural Parrot Treat Northern Parrots ( ) A natural food source adored by Parrots especially African Greys They provide good levels of Vitamin E Enhances the immune system Palm Nuts should be stored frozen Product Description Options 1kg 250g Best Price Promise Guarantee! Learn more here Palm Nuts: A Natural Treat for Parrots of All Sizes THE COZY NESTBOX 51 subscribers Subscribe 4.4K views 13 years ago This video shows several of our birds enjoying palm nuts harvested.

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Welcome to The Palmnut Company Freshly gathered Oil Palm nuts in Costa Rica for your Parrots. We can deliver every amount. From the jungle to your store in 2 weeks. We only import by plane, not by boat. "That's why we can guarantee the most freshest and healthiest Oil Palm nuts for our Parrots in Europe!" Please contact us for more information: Palm nuts are great for parrots. Not only I feed my grey with the nuts, I give her and other birds red palm oil as well. You will notice the improvement in their plumage, beak and nails. T Tangle Elf Rollerblading along the road Avenue Spotlight Award Joined 12/10/11 Messages 2,938 Location NJ Real Name Jen 7/12/12 #8

bicmeister said: my parrots really like to chew the palm nut flesh. i have ordered from these folk: Facebook. they also have sales occasionally. I was going to suggest them, but couldn't remember the name. Edit: Since you're having trouble, she also has a site, google+, and even sells them through Ebay. ginisbirdiebread. Palm nuts are good for all parrots particularly breeding birds. As some birds tend to be fussy eaters it is best to start with just a smaller pack to try them out. Please note that we only despatch Monday to Thursday to give your parcel the best chance of arriving within two working days. They will defrost in the post and on arrival you should.

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Palm Nuts Palm nuts are the natural diet for a large number of parrots, especially birds like African Grey parrots, where palm nuts are over 70% of their diet. It's not the nut in the middle that they eat, it is the yellow, oily flesh around the nut and being their natural diet its full of vitamins and extremely good for their feather condition. Argires Snacks' Nuts for Parrots and Macaws include the best of our big taste nuts. Our team knows that it is vital for parrots and macaws to snack on nuts. In the wild, nuts form a natural part of the diet of many birds, especially larger species. Nuts are vital when it comes to encouraging the natural behavior of birds such as parrots and macaws.

Anybody know if the nuts from a queen palm is safe for my greys or any parrot to eat? Please help there are many queen palms around Southern California and. Home. Forums. New posts Search. Parrots Jake YNA 1970,Kia Panama amazon1975, both i removed from nest and left siblings, Forever Home to,Stacie (YN hen),Mickie (RLA male),Blinkie (YNA. Nov 1, 2012. #2. I also live in Florida, and am surrounded by palm trees. I do not feed my fids palm nuts from outside, or any other fruit from local trees. I'm worried about possible pesticide either on, or in, the fruit/nuts. Also, pests (lice, mites, ticks), or bacteria, etc. from wild birds. Even though local wild birds eat these things.

Polynesian Produce Stand PALM NUTS All PARROTS love TREATS MACAW

The most common fruits that grow on palm trees are coconut and dates. Other types of fruits that grow on palm trees are acai berries, oil palm fruits, saw palmetto, jelly palm fruits, betel nuts, and round fruits like peach palms. Some palm tree fruits look like miniature coconuts called coquitos. As opposed to the very hard palm nuts which only nut-cracking macaws and large cockatoos can tackle, most other parrots are naturally drawn to, tear apart, and eat the corky textured Terminalia nut. Greys, Poicephalus , and similar sized parrots enjoy chewing up the corky exterior and cracking the challenging center surrounding the very.

On the other hand, palm oil from the fruit of these palms is considered one of the more healthful oils, full of vitamin E fractions and other antioxidants as well. Many local parrots live in part of this fruit and the oils within and maintain an excellent health because of it. Loved by Parrots, Palm Fruit Extract is derived from the natural food source of the African Grey Parrot, the fruit of the West African Palm. Palm Fruit Extract comes in an unrefined state having only been cold pressed and filtered to remove solids left over from the pressing process. It improves feather condition and colour and is also a useful dietary supplement for breeding birds. Simply.

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Licuri Syagrus coronata: This is a very iconic species of palm tree in the botanical genus Syagrus because of its importance for the survival of the Lear´s and Spix´s macaws in the Caatinga vegetation, where both parrots and palm tree are endemic. This species may reach up to 10 meters tall and both fruit, palm hearts and nuts are edible. Although longevity of captive birds is known, the lifespan of palm cockatoos that live in the wild is still unknown. Food and feeding. The palm cockatoo often feeds during the early hours of the day on a diet that consists mostly of wild growing pandanus palm fruit and nuts from the kanari tree.