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Put Your Sales Tax on Autopilot with Vend and DAVO

If you’re like most business owners, you likely spend dozens of hours a year staying on top of taxes.

Research from the National Small Business Association found that the majority of businesses (67%) spend — at the very least — 21 hours annually dealing with taxes. Of those small businesses, 20% reported spending more than 120 hours per year on tax-related activities.

Clearly, dealing with taxes can be incredibly tedious and time-consuming, but it’s not a task you can afford to ignore. As a retailer, it’s critical to track, calculate, and file your taxes properly. 

One solution that can help you do just that is DAVO, a solution that puts sales tax on autopilot.

If you’re a Vend retailer, you can use our software integration with DAVO to streamline all sales tax-related activities in your business. 

Introducing Vend + DAVO Sales Tax

DAVO automates the collection and filing of your sales tax, ensuring that your taxes are always paid on time and in full. 

DAVO uses your sales data in Vend to determine the correct amount of tax you need to collect from each sale. Sales tax are set aside daily, then filed and paid to the state automatically. 

The whole process is seamless and automated. There are no extra buttons to push or steps to take; simply enter your sales like you normally would, and DAVO will do the rest. 

DAVO costs just $39.99 a month (plus your first month is free) and it completely takes sales tax off your to-do list.

“DAVO is simple and effortless. There is no better way to keep up with monthly sales tax remittance. The relief of having this taken care of cannot be overstated. No more penalties or late fees. Pays for itself.” – John, Bagel Bagel Cafe

Getting started with DAVO

To get started, just enter your details and connect your Vend account.

After completing a 5-minute setup, you’ll be good to go and there’s no need to manually manage the software. DAVO runs in the background and handles all your sales tax needs for you.

Vend Tip

Ready to put sales tax on autopilot? Try DAVO and get your first month free!

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